Friday, 17 June 2016

Blocked Layering

 'Fashion is art and you are the canvas.' Such a powerful saying. Fashion truly is a platform, seamlessly fusing into a template you wish to create. Experimenting, therefore, is a by-product and if anything, this post is all about fusion.

Colour blocking has been the 'it' trend for quite a while now. What I have incorporated as a different element in the look is light summer layering along with colour blocking. I picked out this blue sleeveless top and plaid shirt coat from Clovia. I would have easily spent close to an hour zeroing in the looks, simply because there was so much I loved. 

My previous post on Clovia was more about casual summer dressing. This time around, I decided on creating a more well-defined, sharp look. Blue is my weakness when it comes to clothes and I couldn't wait to style the top. Whats striking about the top is the zipper details, giving it a slight edge. I decided on colour blocking it with a oxblood pencil skirt and layered it with the plaid coat; and it might be one of the most comfortable items I have ever donned. It's an ideal wear for those days when you need a day-to-night look. Killer heels were an absolute must to sum up the look. 

Let me know how you style a day-to-night look, in the comments below.

I shall soon see you with a new look.

Until next time, lovely readers!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Revisiting the 70's

I have always adored the vibe that comes with summer. What's even more fun about summer styling is the retro appeal that you can infuse into any outfit, bringing together a chilled-out 70's vibe.

This eye-catching flare/bell sleeve top from Clovia pretty much has retro written all over it. For those of you being introduced to the brand for the first time, Clovia is an online portal dealing, majorly, in lingerie that aims at redefining the purpose of intimate wear while they are at it. Log onto their website and you'll find beautifully designed lingerie for every category and every occasion.

Bell sleeves are quintessentially a fashion piece of the 70's era and there has been a huge comeback lately. I'v always loved georgette for some reason and while browsing through Clovia's website, I absolutely doted the flare of the sleeves and the tiny polka dots that encrusted the entire top. While you cannot tell, I'm wearing a racer back from Clovia's collection of sport lingerie. The accurate fit and vibrant colours are truly what make Clovia stand out. Because I set out to create the retro vibe, I paired the top with white shorts and round sunglasses. 

I love to hear what you have to say, so let me know what's your retro style, in the comments below.

Until next time!