Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Structured Elegance

It has been a while since I last posted, I shall not deny that. I have been swamped with academics lately and I couldn't wait to get back to curating posts for, you, all my dear patient readers. 

What I set to bring forth today is something novel. If I asked you what a modern, working women, would look for in today's day and age in her wardrobe, I'm sure you would say something along the lines of elegance, agility and the perfect blend of chic and comfort. Luckily, I happened to find all those in this one outfit by Arcoiris

I have repeatedly acknowledged the love I have for structured and well put-together clothing. So naturally, while browsing through the website of Arcoiris, I just couldn't resist this skort dress. The literal definition of Arcoiris, meaning 'rainbow' in Spanish, pretty much intrigued me in knowing more about the brand. The beautiful philosophy behind Arcoiris is to empower oneself to express their identity, which is exactly what I seek to bring out through this post. 

The white skort dress is completely body-con that greatly enhances your curves and indeed is quite flattering in all its entirety. I decided on styling the dress along with a choker, barring any heavy accessories so as to give an effortless feel to the whole look. What I sought to create was an imprint of the new-age women with a contemporary elegance. All in all, you can sport the skort dress either at work or at a brunch, and I'm sure eyeballs will linger! 

Let me know your thoughts behind the look in the comments below. (Always great to hear you out.) 

Until next time!