Saturday, 28 May 2016

Bollywood Dreams

There have been countless encounters when I'm watching a movie and tend to fall for it all; the outfits, the glamour quotient or simply; how put together the stars look. I was always of the opinion that the array of apparels used in any movie are pretty much a distant clothing item, not very practical to be seen hanging in my closet.

However, BollyWoo seemed to instantaneously scram off those doubts of mine. It is a brand dealing in copyrighted movie clothing that makes you 'Feel like a Star'. I decided on going with this exquisite Plumb Jumpsuit from the movie Dil Dhadkne Do that was embodied by Priyanka Chopra, simply because I couldn't get enough of that movie.

I have written an exclusive article for BollyWoo in which I talk all about my experience with the amazing brand and a tad bit about my love for Bollywood. You can read about my experience 'here'.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Quirky Basics

Even though I love my chic clothing where I can doll up, I do have my fair share of love for basic, casual fashion too. It's always a refreshing route to pick and it never falters to surprise you with quirky trends.

I came across The Souled Store and simply adored their vibe. For those of you new to the brand, it is an online marketplace that deals in quirky tee shirts, totes, phone covers, lifestyle products; to name a few. What's unique and interesting about The Souled Store is that apart from being a quirky e-commerce store, they inspire artists to monetize their designs as well.

While I was browsing through their website, there were quite a few products which were pretty distinctive in their designs and illustrations, which made them appealing. I opted for this tee shirt that reads 'Wish you were beer'. Being a beer person, this tee shirt only enhanced more of my love for the drink by imprinting it in on the merchandise.

Amid the many other disparate products, I chose the handbag from their 'Friends' collection that quotes Chandler. The tee shirt had traces of yellow here and there which blended in well with the look that I sought to create. I decided on keeping it an everyday casual look, ideal for college wear.

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Picture Credits: Chandrika Makwana

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Weekend Conundrums

With the commencement of summer break, there are quite a few gatherings to attend almost every weekend. Additionally, when it comes to dressing up for those weekends, it's a task to find such pieces that blend in with the easy going vibe without going OTT.

I love how this cut-out dress from Oranje acts as a complete savior. It can get arduous to sit down and pick out the outfit with the correct balance of casual yet edgy. The dress has details to fall for and what's more, the cut-out facet gives a modish demeanor to it.

When it comes to day outs, a handbag can sure come in as handy. With a humongous amount of things to carry from your cell phone to various touch-up makeup products, a sizable bag at your disposal can be quite convenient. This bag from Anqi is perfect for those times. The most striking feature of the bag is its expert craftsmanship and the lace details. So if you're looking for those sturdy built bags, you know where to look.

I decided on keeping the accessories at a minimum. The black cherry dress from Oranje and the tan bag from Anqi fell seamlessly, ensuring conformity while they were at it. Finished my look with a coral lip and I was good to go.

With this post, we come to the end of the #bloggerofthemonth series for Oranje. Always a pleasure to collaborate with brands that stand to induce more than just chic clothing. So, choose what you wear with Oranje.

But fret not, I shall soon be back with another post. Till then, let me know what you think of this one in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Timeless Classic

During times of picking new outfits, I often tend to digress towards more of party clothing(guilty-as-charged) and by-pass the casual section of the store. However, I get to using them occasionally and in the end, casuals seem to get the better of me.

Talking about casuals, a classic white shirt can pretty much be the bridge to switch from business to travel or casual. I love how a white shirt never fails to elevate any outfit, whether worn under a suit or jacket or on its own. And I'd have to agree, there's no such thing as too many.

This shirt from Oranje's latest collection left me with an ensemble which had the perfect mix of style, comfort and edge. The most striking aspect of the shirt had to be the zipper details, embossed beautifully into its making. I decided on creating a street style look with the most quintessential  pairing of all time - the classic white shirt put together with denims.

Let me know how you're beating the heat and what is your summer classic?

Until next time, lovelies!