Sunday, 31 July 2016

Street Style Staple

When it comes to street styling, I don't think there is any other style that merely started off as a trend and transformed into a staple. This is one of the reasons I tend to pick a street styled outfit more often; for the simplicity and effortless styling that comes with it. 

With e-commerce taking quite a boom, many startups are overlooked for being similar and not offering any novelty. This post centered on being a tad bit varied than the regular, I set to share my experience about Kraftly and what makes it different than the rest. An e-commerce platform, Kraftly is one of the rare portals which acts as a boost to small entrepreneurs and hobby sellers by providing a selling platform. Alternatively, you can also buy from Kraftly from their collection ranging from apparels, fashion accessories, footwear and home decor - to name a few categories. Have a look at their website 'here'

Being the first one to fall for street styling, I created a collection of the same from their collection on their mobile application. I was quite amazed to discover that the fashion collection is quite diverse and kept up to the current trends. From denim clothing, casual t-shirts and totes, I quite enjoyed curating my own street style collection. Another feature of the Kraftly application is its unique method of selling on Instagram. The application assists you in creating a shop within 30 minutes, with minimum requirement and upload product details (product pictures of which you can directly import from Instagram). Kraftly personally ensures all the product shipping and your payments, making it convenient for first-time sellers.

 Apart from Instagram, the application has a strong presence on other social media platforms as well. Since street styling appeals the most to my taste of styling, I created a collection of the same on Kraftly. You can check out my street style collection 'here' if you would like to. 

Hope you enjoyed reading. 

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